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As the ChatBot gets better it will start cutting down on your Live support requirements and eventually, you can almost eliminate the live support altogether. Many people want to view as much as they can when they are browsing.

Woman in Pink Crew-neck Tank Top As the ChatBot gets better it will start cutting down on your Live support requirements and eventually, you can almost eliminate the live support altogether. Many people want to view as much as they can when they are browsing. While I recommend all webmasters to find a good topic to purchase (and more people download free themes as input, as soon as your blog more unique!) Is always advisable to look at a few adjustments to your topic. Where can I get a good topic? Select which user roles can access articles under which categories. You can restrict user access to the knowledgebase articles by user roles. Social media is also a good way to keep in touch with visitors, though it can be limiting since you have to play by their rules, and your access is more limited. KnowledgeBase X ChatBot can answer questions of your website visitors, send email from ChatBot window, help people find KnowledgeBase articles, get visitors to leave their phone number and much more! These files are essential to improve the coverage of your website in the major search engines.

Slow WordPress Website

Indeed, NewsPaper is completely responsive, and it works with all major browsers. There’s a free plugin provided by WPEngine that works on any web host that will test all your plugins and theme to confirm whether your site is PHP 7 or 7.1/7.2 compatible. 20/month paid plan does do more advanced image optimization and firewalling but if you’re looking at this option you should probably move to a better host first! Many premium WordPress themes developers generally let the client know about the SEO optimization for the pages. There are many places online that will offer free themes, and various others that charge for their high quality premium themes. As the name states, WordPress SEO Premium Pack is a plugin that delivers a healthy set of tools, making it well worth what you pay for it. You will need to set the pricing and expiration for this plan under the membership terms section.

Slow WordPress Website

Create a set of KnowledgeBase articles and show them in different modes – in Standard KnowledgeBase mode with Categories, listing etc. OR as a Glossary of Terms OR as FAQ. Mode Effect. ECommerce consultant. Display in Standard KnowledgeBase mode or in FAQ mode or as a unique alphabetical Glossary style. You can use the same Knowledge Base articles is FAQ format in accordion mode. The Knowledge Base articles you create can also be used in an Alphabetical Glossary format without any extra effort. Create unlimited Knowledge Base articles and classify them into categories. The Knowledgebase will display all your categories and users can browse by categories. Most images on your website can be compressed to a degree without any loss of quality. A heads up – there’s a fairly common process Hostgator run through if you contact their support for help about your website speed or website being slow. Expect the site to run 0.5-1 seconds slower outside the country it’s hosted in.

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  • Installing the right caching plugin on your WordPress

“Test From” – this is the country the speed test is run from. In an ideal world we want to see the site loading in under 1 second in Pingdom in the country the site is hosted in. ’ll see an immediate drop of a few seconds getting a caching plugin installed. A 1-second delay in page load time could result in 7.5% loss in conversions, over 10% fewer views and just under 20% drop in customer satisfaction. Since Google has incorporated page load times into SEO ranking, slow pages could affect your visibility and performance as well. To ensure proper WordPress performance tuning, plugins, themes, media files, and even comments should be trashed if they’re unused or unwanted. It’s common to see 5, 10 or even 15mb page sizes which means the site will be SLOWWW on a standard internet connection. Importantly, the webinar should be valuable even to people who don’t end up buying the product.

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Regardless of the demo you choose, the end product will, undoubtedly, be a professional and sophisticated one. In many cases they end up 20-50% smaller which can make a huge difference to load speeds especially on a slow connection. 1 second is a magical tipping point where the page load begins to feel instant. If I read the URL of a permalink page I’ll probably know a little of what that page is about and when I’m linking to it, I’ll know I’m linking to the correct one. Although I would recommend investing in good theme unique, it’s a personal choice, some free themes can be very easy to adapt just as long as you know HTML and PHP. This is a complex technology and if you intend to Go Global, your tech team will definitely know how to deploy CDN for your server. The server you’re on at Hostgator needs to support the newer protocol though (older plans may not) however enabling Cloudflare will enable this support (as Cloudflare is HTTP2 compatible). HelpDesk ChatBot provides eMail support directly from the Chat window. Every Chat Bot response and system text displayed on the chat window can be edited from the HelpDesk ChatBot settings easily and quickly.

All features of the KnowledgeBase X is compatible with any language except for the Glossary mode.

Upload your own background image to show behind the chatbot window. CDN or Content Delivery Networks can show increment in the speed of your website. Prior to selecting the hosting carrier, you have to think about that exactly how do you select the best hosting company for your website. Shortpixel is our image optimization plugin of choice as they have some advanced image optimization features most other plugins don’t have. First of all, WordPress Support is a great system for CMS and works correctly, but to make your website user and search engine optimization (SEO) more convenient, faster, and safer, you have to make sure everything is configured correctly. Create a feature-rich Knowledgebase on your website. All features of the KnowledgeBase X is compatible with any language except for the Glossary mode. You can easily select the desired mode with a handy and quick ShortCode Generator. You can also disable the Ready Intents altogether and use only DialogFlow as your Intelligent KnowledgeBase! KnowledgeBase X is fully integrated with Google‘s Artificial Intelligence API for AI and NLP engine DialogFlow. Some consider it a more powerful caching engine. 2. You MUST Use Caching!

Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node.

However, in order to fix your speed problem, you must first understand what factors make HostGator websites particularly prone to experiencing slow speeds. Generally speaking, around 1.5 seconds should be fairly achievable and is what we’d say is acceptable in terms of speed. Can we add numbers to that in terms of font size and number of lines? Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node. This plugin Renders for mobile visitors a mobile version of your WordPress site, with blazing-fast page loads, multiple themes, support for over 5000 mobile devices (not just iPhones and touch phones), analytics, ad network integration, and awesome support! Version 7.0 is approximately 30% faster than v5.6 and most sites built in the last 2 years easily support it. Enable an AI powered ChatBot to act as your HelpDesk or Support Desk. You can make the HelpDesk ChatBot to work with any language easily and quickly.